FEBRUARY 22nd 2011



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Wade Frazier, hentai videos "groomed as a scientist from an early age," became fascinated by the subject of alternative energy when just a teenager. As is so often the case with those with a clearly envisioned life mission when so young, his life's path then propelled him through a series of hard-hitting experiences that qualify him to be one of the preeminent writers on the subject today.

Wade's Hardcore Porn website, AHealedPlanet.net, comprises over 1,200 pages of deeply thought-out, intelligent and well-informed commentary on a number of the most important issues of our time. His direct personal experiences include working shoulder-to-shoulder for a number of years with Dennis Lee, who he describes as 'The Indiana Jones of Free Energy.' Wade attests that Lee's larger-than-life experiences, many of which Wade witnessed at first hand, were authentic and occurred just as he reports on his site. He is courteously dismissive of uninformed critics.

Wade frazier's Website : http://www.ahealedplanet.net/home.htm


Wade's mature ladies Forum Section on Project Avalon: A Healed Planet

Dennis cartoon porn videos Lee - Heat Pump


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