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MARCH 27th 2012



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Special Guest host Charles/Whitehaze from Nexus 2012 Forum

Edgar Fouche and many generations of his relatives have historically been involved with the government and military in fields of intelligence, black programs, crypto, secure communications, and classified development projects.

This is true as far back as the French revolution. Joseph Fouché was the Prime Minister under Napoleon, the head of his secret or national police force and a direct ancestor of Mr. Fouché. Joseph Fouché started and controlled the world’s first professionally organized intelligence agency. The CIA, KGB, MI 5, Mossad, etc., used and expanded on his methods of intelligence gathering, networking information, and political survival. Some French historians consider him a scoundrel because he survived many of his leaders, including Napoleon and the King of France, instead of going down with the ship, so to speak. The current Fouchés are proud of being descended from the Free French who opposed slavery, at great financial and personal expense, before and during the Civil War.

The Fouché family moved from city to city frequently during Edgar's childhood. After leaving Americus Georgia, they settled for a few years in San Antonio, Texas. Yes, the move to S.A. from Georgia in "Alien Rapture," that little Joe Green experienced really happened as written. Go figure? Edgar's mother's family, the Rothschilds Russells, are of French German heritage and his grandfather Russell was a Nazarene preacher. All of the Rothschilds on my mother’s side were poor farmers. I know, STUPID PEN NAME.

Edgar graduated from Longview high school in East Texas, where he was a Thespian, an National Honor student, head of the Debate Team, a member of the Student Council, and on the football team as Captain of the Defensive Team. The Vietnam war was escalating and many of his friends and peers were sucked into the tragic political vortex. In February of 1968 while attending Kilgore College and working as a machinist making bombs for R. G. Le Tourneau Industries. That month the military drafted a record high number of young men into the services, one of which was Edgar Fouché.

Edgar went to Lackland AFB for Air Force basic training where he volunteered for Pararescue Training. Pararescuemen jump out of helicopters to rescue downed pilots, usually under fire in a hot zone. He fractured his ankle during jump school at the Fort Benning and was then shipped off to Keesler AFB, Mississippi. Edgar initially went through a year of electronics, communications, intelligence, and cryptological schools. During the years 1967 1974, Edgar was stationed or worked at many Tactical Air Command (TAC), Air Training Command (ATC) bases, and Pacific Air Command Air Forces (PACAF) bases. He was at Kadena AFB Okinawa; Udorn AFB Thailand; Ben Hoi AFB Vietnam, and spent anywhere from a day to a month at many other South East Asian military bases. (A total of 3.5 years in Asia – 67-80).

He attended several universities, including the University of New Mexico, the Air Force College, and the University of Maryland. He received degrees in Electronics and Avionics Engineering from the Air Force and a BS in Business. Somewhere along the line he became a licensed deep sea diver (with many PADI certificates) and was trained by Rosteslov Jukov (Georgian - Russian Defector) , and received pilot training (Edwards AFB) and became an avid woodworker.

Edgar Fouche came out and ‘Disclosed What he knew about certain Black Program aircraft in 1998 to the IUFOC, MUFON, BBC, and many other media in the same week. In the year 2000 he and his wife walked away from the UFO/alien lecture circuit and from all the Network media that wanted to interview him.

Among his many experiences the BBC-Chanel 4 brought over a crew of 6 people to interview him in NV. John Purdie and Tim Shawcross took pictures of Ed’s documents that showed Ed’s SSN which they were forbidden to take. Ed was outraged It took Ed a couple of years to get a NEW SSN.

Then they used only several minutes of the interview. Ed said I wish to God that they had showed the whole 6 hours.

This was the ‘Riddle of the Skies’ video. Ed became very jaded and skeptical that anyone wanted to listen to his ‘Disclosure and Truth.’ He got many calls from the UFOlogy media and lecture circuit (UFOs-Aliens) that flat out asked him just to make up more stuff. Ed was extremely upset and astounded by this.

For TWELVE years Ed was silent, silent because his hotel room was broken into at Laughlin, silent because his home and new Cadillac in San Antonia were broken into and also because they had myriad death threats via phone and internet.

Ed silently watched all those years when thousands of people misquoted him and made fun of him. The at about the age of 60 he had eight grandchildren who all called him Poppy. Ed realized they would be looking him up on the internet at some time in their lives. It was an awakening for him. He came on OMF Forum for almost two years and started posting his military and DoD documents. He wanted to raise the bar for so-called fakers and liars.

So now Ed Fouche is on Forum answering people’s questions. 

He is selling nothing but his own truth.


Edgar Fouche's Military Records: HERE

Edgar Fouche - Alien Rapture (Full 1998 presentation) 


Also we have a Special Update with Richard Dolan about his new 3 Hour Radio Show: Truth Out Radio with Richard Dolan


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